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Trump and Xi Agree to Restart Trade Talks, Avoiding Escalation in Tariff War

OSAKA, Japan — President Trump and President Xi Jinping of China agreed on Saturday to resume trade talks after a seven-week breakdown, averting for now an escalation of their multibillion-dollar tariff war that has roiled global markets and threatened the future of the world’s two largest economies. The agreement, brokered during more than an hour […]

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A China-U.S. Trade Truce Could Enshrine a Global Economic Shift

OSAKA, Japan — The spin from President Trump and China’s propaganda machines on Saturday portrayed a truce in a trade war that has shaken economies and markets around the world. Tariffs won’t rise further, at least not yet. And the United States will loosen its potentially devastating punishments against Huawei, China’s most successful multinational company. […]