Monster or Machine? A Profile of the Coronavirus at 6 Months

Once upon a time, our pathogens were crudely named: Spanish flu, Asian flu, yellow fever, Black Death. Now we have H1N1, MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome), H.I.V. — strings of letters as streamlined as the viruses themselves, codes for codes. The new coronavirus was temporarily named 2019-nCoV. On Feb. 11, the International Committee on Taxonomy […]


The Power of Bearing Witness

This article is part of the On Tech newsletter. You can sign up here to receive it weekdays. Can we have this heartfelt exchange about intergenerational anger and sadness be viewed by 21 million people, without having the conspiracy video “Plandemic” likewise go viral? Can we witness a police officer consoling a crying protester, and […]


Live SpaceX NASA Launch Updates

When is the launch, and how can I watch it? On Saturday, for the first time since the retirement of the space shuttles in July 2011, NASA astronauts are scheduled to blast off from American soil on an American rocket to the International Space Station. In contrast to astronaut launches in the past when NASA […]