Aetna to Expand Coverage for Gender-Affirming Surgeries

Allison Escolastico, a 30-year-old transgender woman, has wanted breast augmentation surgery for a decade. By 2019, she finally thought her insurance company, Aetna, would pay for it, only to find that it considered the procedure cosmetic, not medically necessary, and refused to cover it. “I knew from my case, it wasn’t cosmetic,” said Ms. Escolastico, […]


7 Podcasts About the Wonders of Science

Starter episode: “Urban Rodentology” The premise behind this decade-old show is simple: We all have science stories to tell, because simply existing in the world means we’re interacting with science all the time. The Story Collider is a nonprofit group founded by two physicists who wanted to amplify personal stories that “spark emotional connections to […]