Coronavirus Continues to Disrupt Prescription Drug Supplies

Two drugs that showed a very different trend were amoxicillin, an antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections, and hydrocodone-acetaminophen, an opioid-containing painkiller that is commonly sold under the brand name Vicodin. Prescriptions for both declined in March and then plummeted in April. Dr. Warraich speculated that fewer painkillers were prescribed because of drops in elective […]


A Classically Inspired House, Complete with Tragedy

This article is part of our latest Design special report, which is about crossing the borders of space, time and media. The French archaeologist and statesman Théodore Reinach spent his family’s banking inheritance to live in exotic magnificence. In the early 1900s, he commissioned a house on a French Riviera peninsula with rooms frescoed in […]


Coronavirus Live Updates: G7 Summit Is Postponed

Merkel rejected Trump’s invitation to attend the G7 in person. Then Trump postponed the summit. President Trump told reporters on Saturday that he was postponing a Group of 7 meeting scheduled to be held in the United States next month. Earlier Saturday, Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany said she would not attend in person, citing […]


How to Draw a Self-Portrait

There is truly no time like the present to give drawing a shot, and a self-portrait is an excellent place to start. The template provided here can help you figure out how to draw a human face — how much space there is between all of its parts and what goes where. Some of the […]


Live SpaceX NASA Launch Updates

When is the launch, and how can I watch it? On Saturday, for the first time since the retirement of the space shuttles in July 2011, NASA astronauts are scheduled to blast off from American soil on an American rocket to the International Space Station. In contrast to astronaut launches in the past when NASA […]


Do Runners Need to Wear Masks?

Jane Rosen began yelling sometime in April. By May, it had become routine. The incidents usually occur near her minivan, which she parks alongside Central Park in New York City. As she attempts to enter or exit the vehicle, a cyclist or a runner will whiz by, so close she can practically smell them. “I […]