Live Coronavirus News and Updates

In New York State — the center of the nation’s outbreak, with 1,550 deaths so far and the peak not expected for another one to three weeks — Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said Tuesday that the country’s patchwork approach to the pandemic had made it harder to get desperately needed ventilators. Mr. Cuomo said that […]


C.D.C. Weighs Advising Everyone to Wear a Mask

Masks work by stopping infected droplets spewing from the wearer’s nose or mouth, rather than stopping the acquisition of the virus from others. Both medical grade N95 masks and flat face masks are made of a special melt-blown fabric, which is able to stop infectious particles even finer than a micron in diameter. But in […]


Coronavirus Ended the Screen-Time Debate. Screens Won.

The screen-time surrender isn’t just a San Francisco phenomenon. Daniela Helitzer, a doctor of audiology in Boca Raton, Fla., said screen time used to be a constant debate among the parents in her town. She had some friends with toddlers who had never even seen a television turned on before this. Not anymore. “We’ve all […]


In Search of Zambia’s Stunning Wildlife: A Virtual Safari

With travel restrictions in place worldwide, we’re turning to photojournalists who can help transport you, virtually, to some of our planet’s most beautiful and intriguing places. We’re calling this new series “The World Through a Lens.” This week, the photographer Marcus Westberg shares a collection of wildlife photographs from Zambia, which he’s visited six times […]


Keeping Older People Safe During the Coronavirus Crisis

In the United States today, there are approximately four million older adults who are not in nursing facilities but who need help with personal care (bathing, dressing or eating) and another 3.5 million older adults who need assistance in areas such as finances and cooking to live independently. These older adults depend on caregivers, either […]


North Korea Claims No Coronavirus Cases. Can It Be Trusted?

SEOUL, South Korea — Shin Dong-yun, ​a scientist from the North Korean Institute of Virology, ​rushed to the northwestern border with China in early February. There, he conducted 300 tests, skipping meals to assess ​a stream of people ​so that “the country is protected from the invasion of the novel coronavirus.” Stories like this, carried […]


D.I.Y. Coronavirus Solutions Are Gaining Steam

Mr. Oliver reached out to local distillers to follow Oregon’s lead and join forces. In the past week, several have stepped up, including OOLA Distillery, which quickly collected all the raw materials, from alcohol to storage bottles. The distillery is ramping up to churn out “thousands and thousands of liters of bottles” as early as […]