Kenya’s High Court Delays National Biometric ID Program

NAIROBI, Kenya — Kenya’s high court on Thursday temporarily suspended the country’s new national biometric identity program until the government enacts laws to protect the security of the data and prevent discrimination against minorities. The government had said the IDs would be required for all Kenyan citizens and foreign residents to access a broad range […]


Delta Will Suspend Flights to China

Delta Air Lines said on Friday morning that it would suspend flights to and from China from Feb. 6 to April 30 as concerns about coronavirus spread across the globe. In a statement posted on its site and emailed to The Times, the airline said the last flight to China leaving from the United States […]


Doctors on TikTok Try to Go Viral

For decades, sex education in the classroom could be pretty cringey. For some adolescents, it meant a pitch for abstinence; others watched their teachers put condoms on bananas and attempt sketches of fallopian tubes that looked more like modern art. On TikTok, sex ed is being flipped on its head. Teenagers who load the app […]