New York vs. Grubhub – The New York Times

Seamless, the food delivery service launched two decades ago in Midtown Manhattan, calls itself “the most New York app in New York.” In advertisements, the company cracks jokes about the L Train and takes unsubtle jabs at New Jersey. “Eat Like a True New Yorker,” one subway ad declares. But while the delivery giant Grubhub, […]


7 Things You Need to Know About Going to Cuba Now

1. You can still go The American government, as part of its ongoing economic embargo of Cuba’s socialist government, announced in June new rules for Americans traveling to Cuba, which included a ban on cruise ships. It also eliminated one of the 12 categories under which travel to the island has been allowed, the educational […]


Keeping an Older Dog Vibrant

In addition to dental disease, dogs are susceptible to diabetes, making some dependent on twice-daily insulin injections that their owners must administer. And with the enormous increase in canine obesity, mirroring the rise in obese people, dogs are now developing Type 2 diabetes at alarming rates. Be alert to signs of diabetes in your dog: […]


Intensive Care: What Makes a ‘Good’ Parent?

The experts who study parenting are interested in how we spend those moments. “If you really look in time diary data, on average parents are not spending hours a day doing these kinds of developmentally stimulating things with their kids,” said Ariel Kalil, a professor at the Harris School of Public Policy Studies at the […]