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A Basketball Homecoming for Canada

On Thursday, though, none of that mattered as the Raptors stormed to a 118-109 victory in Game 1 of the best-of-seven series. You can follow our full coverage of the series here, and through my colleague Marc Stein’s N.B.A. newsletter. The Raptors will host Game 2 on Sunday, with an opportunity to inch closer to […]


Why Gulping Down a Cold Drink Feels So Rewarding

After a long hike on a hot day, few things are more rewarding than a tall, frosty glass of water. The rush of pleasure that comes with a drink might feel like a sign from your body that you’ve done the right thing, a reward for remedying your dehydration. But that pleasing sensation isn’t actually […]


Yoga’s Instagram Provocateur – The New York Times

You cannot swing a cat (pose) on Instagram without hitting photographs of yoga instructors with perfect figures twisted into perfect shapes, selling essential oils and greeting-card spirituality. Alex Auder is not one of them. Ms. Auder, 48, is something of a yoga auteur, sharing homemade videos that are more performance art than content. In them […]


It Takes Real Skills to Be a Fake Stephen Curry

Some comedians need a microphone. Others use pens or a laptop to generate laughs. And then there are Brandon Armstrong and Maxim Peranidze, who simply use a basketball. They are better known by their Instagram handles — @bdotadot5 (1.7 million followers) and @maxisnicee (425,000). Each has gained a significant following with humorous and spot-on impersonations […]