Hydroxychloroquine F.A.Q: The Malaria Drug Trump Keeps Pushing

Is hydroxychloroquine approved by the Food and Drug Administration? Yes, but for malaria, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, not for Covid-19. For decades, doctors have been legally allowed to prescribe it for any condition they think it might help, a practice called off-label use. However, because of hoarding and high demand for hydroxychloroquine, some states like […]


Summer Heat May Not Diminish Coronavirus Strength

The homebound and virus-wary across the Northern Hemisphere, from President Trump to cooped-up schoolchildren, have clung to the possibility that the coronavirus pandemic will fade in hot weather, as some viral diseases do. But the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, in a public report sent to the White House, has said, in effect: […]


Coronavirus and the Cancer Patient

We talked to each other at a distance of eight feet. She was feeling well, and fortunately her labs were stable. Not normal, and not even that great, but not worse, meaning the chemotherapy was still holding her leukemia at bay, and not so low that she needed a transfusion. We spent a few minutes […]


The Lesson We Are Learning From Zoom

Ever since many of us started working from home in the coronavirus pandemic, I’ve been invited to countless gatherings taking place on Zoom, the videoconferencing app. Virtual happy hours, work meetings, dinners, you name it. I’ve been a no-show, and it’s not just because my hair has grown embarrassingly long. It’s because I have a […]


Many Dermatology Practices Stay Open, Ignoring Public Health Pleas

Multiple attempts to reach Pinnacle’s chief executive, Chad A. Eckes, were unsuccessful. “The Covid crisis is bringing out a real tension between what’s good for practices versus what’s best for our patients, staff and community at large,” said Dr. Justin Ko, chief of medical dermatology at Stanford University. A spate of private-equity acquisitions of dermatology […]