How to (Literally) Drive the Coronavirus Away

Because it’s not always practical to have all the windows wide open, especially in the depths of winter, Dr. Mathai and his colleagues also modeled several other options. They found that while the most intuitive-seeming solution — having the driver and the passenger each roll down their own windows — was better than keeping all […]


Biden to Elevate Science Adviser to His Cabinet

President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. announced on Friday that he will elevate the role of science in his cabinet as part of an effort to “refresh and reinvigorate our national science and technology strategy.” Mr. Biden will nominate Eric S. Lander, the director of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, to serve as director […]


Hypersonic Superweapons Are a Mirage, New Analysis Says

Military experts call hypersonic warheads the next big thing in intercontinental warfare. They see the emerging arms, which can deliver nuclear or conventional munitions, as zipping along at up to five miles a second while zigzagging through the atmosphere to outwit early-warning satellites and interceptors. The superfast weapons, experts say, lend themselves to surprise attacks. […]


How to Reimagine Your Relationship to Alcohol

So, identify other activities you love and increase them. Whether it’s exercise or spending time with friends, “we need another outlet to fill the void that alcohol leaves,” Dr. Murphy said. Find your people. You’re more likely to successfully abstain from alcohol if you have support. “Tell as many of your friends and family members […]