Is Your Child an Orchid, a Tulip or a Dandelion?

Sensitivity is also sometimes confused with being shy. While the majority of highly sensitive children are introverts, roughly 30 percent are extroverts, despite their tendency to get easily overstimulated in social situations. “Educators are often surprised to hear about how stressful it is for these students to be in a school-based setting,” said Candy Crawford, […]


Five-Minute Coronavirus Stress Resets – The New York Times

In this emotional equivalent to an ultramarathon, it’s key to have some stress-reducing strategies available that work quickly and efficiently to help you hit the reset button. Here’s why: Struggling with chronic worry gets in the way of effectively managing your emotions. Unfortunately, many people who experience distress try to escape their unpleasant emotions by […]


Coronavirus Live Updates – The New York Times

There is little to suggest a compromise is in sight for pandemic relief. With a potentially disheartening national jobs report coming on Friday and the expiration of a federal protection plan for small businesses looming over the weekend, lawmakers and White House officials ended more than three hours of negotiations on Thursday night still starkly […]


The U.S. Lifted Its Advisory Against Traveling Abroad. What Does That Mean?

The State Department lifted its blanket advisory warning American citizens against traveling abroad on Thursday, nearly five months after the department had issued the Level 4 “do not travel” warning — its highest advisory — against all international travel as the coronavirus spread. The advisory was lifted in coordination with the Centers for Disease Control […]